Rex Security Patrol

Why Rex Security Patrol?

At Rex Security Patrol we provide state-of-the-art technology to our security officer and also deploy security risk tracking and reporting system if facility locations have necessary base requirements. Security require regimented and dynamic structure to oversee asset/facility location because of these we focus on attentive leadership to ensure our officers deliver unmatched security to client asset, property and personnel.   

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Residential Property

We provide security services for residential properties. Residential property security services also come with technology package for pseudo real-time security report analytics

Industrial Facility

Our services include industrial property and sites security service provision. Perimeter patrol, Entry check point service.

Commercial Property

Loss Prevention security service and Retail Mall security Patrol services. High end commercial properties.

Event Services

We provide event space security patrol service. This include crowd and traffic control , event perimeter patrol.


At Rex Security Patrol we provide robust top-notch quality security services. We have commissioned and non-commissioned security officer that project security presence. Rex Security provide tailored services based on our client security needs and challenges

Special Security

We provide special security services to stars and high-level clientele, from artist, entertainer to athletes that need our service

Open Event Security

We provide security services to parade and open event occasions that require attention to details and many moving parts of security elements. We are proud to mention that we are among the security companies that handle the open ground visit of President Modi of India to our city Houston, Texas and the security affairs of that occasion was successful.

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