About Us

Rex Security Patrol is a Texas owned and operated security guard company licensed by the Department of Public Safety Private Security Division. Our security guard company proudly serves the greater Houston area, and we also operate in several major cities across Texas.

Our Philosophy

Security involves tactical skill, psychology, quick thinking, backed with the power of presence to protect, deescalate likely threat. It also involves aligning your security officer to collaborate with city police department.

At Rex Security, We understand all these components of security elements, that is why our Security Solution always include professionally dressed, alert officers who command respect, demonstrate respect, and effectively establish security on clients asset/facility location. We select our security officers for quality-of-character and experience, and then develop their expertise with continuing security education and site-specific training.

Our Approach

At Rex Security Patrol we work closely with both law enforcement and community because we believe that security is a tripod relation between private security firm, law enforcement agencies and the community. Our licensed security officers are selected through a rigorous recruiting process that only the best are recruited. We pride ourselves in excellent customer services and good personal relationships with our clients. Our officers are well-groomed, well-trained, and will be able to provide patrol, communication and good relationship with facility manager. 

Our clients consist of community facilities such as the Guajarati samaj Center, large commercial facilities, and luxury high rise landmarks apartments. We also specialize in servicing high crime areas.

Rex Security patrol offers competitive prices for non-commissioned as well as commissioned officers. 


Our Services

Armed Security

Armed Security

Rex Security Patrol can provide armed guards who are trained to handle a variety of dangerous situations in ways that will keep your facility and its customers, residents, or attendees safe.

Armed Security

Using the innovative concepts of community policing and enforcement through reinforcement, our armed guards are trained to be approachable and helpful to those around them
unarmed Security

Unarmed Security

At Rex Security Patrol our unarmed officers are certified, licensed, and insured. Wearing police-style uniforms that commands presence.

Unarmed Security

Our officers are well-groomed, well-trained, and will be able to provide patrol, communication, and other services to keep your facility and its grounds as safe as possible.

Mobile Patrol

At Rex Security Patrol, we provide mobile patrol to monitor office, retail, and residential properties with random visits, ensuring the criminals cannot anticipate our patrol schedule

Mobile Patrol

Our patrol officers provide detailed daily and incident reports to clients, along with photographs of the property, to ensure continuous communication is maintained

Benefits of Security Services

Search Operation

Security guards have the right to search your customers’ personal property. Specifically, they can perform what is called store-exit bag checks

Crime Deterrent

Security Services help in deterring crime. The present of mobile patrol vehicle or field officer is a sign to criminals that the asset is in in place is secured  

Detain Criminal

Security officers have the right to make arrests and detain an individual if they witness a felony offense. Texas Administrative Code



Presence of security officer’s stamp sound security  to avoiding trespasser’s to take advantage of crime of opportunity

Our business is protecting yours ......