A place in our workforce

Looking for employment in the security field in Texas? Are you physically fit ? Are you security conscious ? Are you very observant? 

We are taking applications for the greater Houston Metro Areas.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Rex security is an equal opportunity employer of labor, we do not discriminate base on race, religion, or sexual orientation. Any candidate that meets our workforce requirements and the state requirement has an equal opportunity to be employed in Rex security Patrol.

Rex security is always taking applications for commissioned and non-commissioned security officer that meets the basic requirements to be part of our workforce.

All Prospective security officer must meet first level basic requirement to undergo evaluation for second level requirements. 

  1. Pass back ground check
  2. Pass a drug test
  3. Have own duty belt
  4. Have own reliable weapon if commissioned (NO HI-POINTS)
  5. Reliable transportation (i.e. car ) and a working smartphone
  6. Good Work Ethics
  7. Have a valid Driver’s License or Occupational License
  8. A working smartphone that supports our system

Rex security patrol expect prospective security officer to meet the following physical requirements. 

  1. Environment: Indoor and outdoor, temperature ranges from moderate to extreme cold and heat
  2. Major activity: Walking, standing, speaking, listening, observing
  3. Physical efforts to carry out job duties: Standing, walking, and sitting. Minimal to no stooping or kneeling.

Finally, all prospective security officer must meet the following at state level workforce requirement .

  1. Must be at least 18 years old or the minimum age required by the State
  2. Must be a U.S. citizen or a foreign citizen authorized to legally work in the United States
  3. Must not use illegal drugs. Must be able to pass a drug test with negative results (except when undergoing documented medical treatment).
  4. Must submit to an extensive background check, including criminal history, personal references, employment and education verification , Department of Motor Vehicle and credit checks if applicable.

Continual Training......

Rex Security Patrol is dedicated to creating a positive work environment for our officers and continual training to develop quality security professionals. Both of these factors contribute to our loyal officers and an industry-low rate of attrition.

Application Form

Qualifier additional information

After application is fully reviewed, candidate that are selected for interview will be notify through email. Some other backup documents may be requested that is not inputed in the application form. Be sure that all the information given are your information and can be fully verify. By submitting the application form you certify that all information provided is true and accurate and if need be you can provide supporting document to verify information entered in the application form. Finally when coming for interview provide the following documents below 


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